6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 (Review)

Meal Management Bag Review: The Innovator 300 from 6 Pack Fitness.

The Innovator 300 is a dedicated meal management bag from 6 Pack Fitness. I personally own this bag (in a somewhat gharish blue and yellow combination), and used it daily until a change in my travel arrangements forced me into finding a more compact meal prep storage system.

I’ve owned mine for about 7 years and, whilst it does show some signs of wear, it’s held up pretty well. There are 3 sections to the bag; a large meal prep storage area is flanked by 2 drinks storage compartments.

Video: The Innovator 300 Meal Management Bag from 6 Pack Fitness

Both of the drinks compartments have removable dividers, but as stock they provide cool storage for up to 4 water bottles or protein shakers. You could remove the dividers to put bigger containers in the but I’ve never had the need to do so.

The large food prep storage area has access from the front, with integrated shelving providing easy access to three separate meal prep containers. You can also open the top of the bag, revealing a mesh compartment to store additional supplements or cutlery.

6 Pack Fitness are fairly generous, providing three air tight meal prep containers and two large cool packs, which fit into mesh areas on either side of the food prep storage area.

The Innovator 300 is currently available for £133.96 in our meal management bag shop.