The New Rugged ISOPACK Meal Management Bag

I’m a big fan of the Isolator Fitness meal management bags, particularly their ISOPACK back pack, which houses 4 meal prep containers alongside space for your gym kit, water bottles or protein shakes, padded laptop protection and numerous zipped pockets for other essentials like your phone, wallet and keys.

One of the reasons why I liked the ISOPACK was that all of the above was crammed into a standard sized backpack, making it ideal for my daily commute into the city (in a pre-COVID 19 era… can anyone remember what that was like?!)

The guys at Isolator Fitness have now launched a more compact version, called the Rugged ISOPACK. Despite being smaller and lighter than the original ISOPACK, it still provides cool storage for 4 meal prep containers, gym kit, laptop and your essentials.

Video: Rugged ISOPACK overview

At the time of posting, you can get just over £50 off the Rugged ISOPACK in our store. We also have a limited number of the original ISOPACK available.

In the following video, you can see a side by side comparison of the original ISOPACK and the new Rugged ISOPACK.

Video: Rugged ISOPACK vs Original ISOPACK

The most obvious difference is the size, with the Rugged ISOPACK being a much smaller, compact version of the original. Despite this, both bags have cool storage for 4 meal prep containers, gym kit and a laptop, although the Rugged Isopack will just about squeeze in a 15 inch MacBook, whilst the original will take a full sized laptop.

Both bags have front storage for your daily essentials, although the zipped pocket is much larger on the original ISOPACK. You can store a water bottle/protein shaker storage on the side of either bag, although the Rugged ISOPACK has additional straps should you need to secure extra items on the sides. Think rolled up waterproof, hoodie, yoga mat, etc.

It’s worth noting that the original ISOPACK ships with 8 meal prep containers and 2 ice packs, the Rugged version only ships with 6 and a single ice pack.

If you have any questions about either bag, please feel free to ask away in the comments section!

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