Meal Management Bag Reviews
Best Meal Management Bag 2020

Best Meal Prep Bags in 2020

New Year, new you, right? When it comes to fitness, progression is 20% effort and 80% preparation so if you’re looking get in shape this year, you need to get your meal prep on point. For the busy professional, this means you need a meal management system! As we roll into 2020, we take a […]

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Budget Meal Management Bags

More budget Meal Management Bags!

Stock update: we’re adding some cheaper meal prep bags to our on-line store! It’s fair to say we’re pretty new to this (we launched Meal Management Bags on 9th July!) and we weren’t going to get everything right from day 1. As such, we’re keen to hear from our customers and want to try and […]

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Best Meal Management Bag 2020

The Best Meal Management Bags in 2020

Product Test: What’s the best Meal Management Bag in 2020? Over the coming months we are going to look at several well reviewed meal management bags with the aim of finding ‘best in class’ as we move into the new year. We are interested in finding: the best value meal management bag for 2020; the […]

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Meal Management Bag Review - Innovator 300 by 6 Pack Fitness

6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 (Review)

Meal Management Bag Review: The Innovator 300 from 6 Pack Fitness. The Innovator 300 is a dedicated meal management bag from 6 Pack Fitness. I personally own this bag (in a somewhat gharish blue and yellow combination), and used it daily until a change in my travel arrangements forced me into finding a more compact […]

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Meal Management Bag Review - Fitmark Transporter Duffel

The Transporter Duffel Review (Fitmark)

Meal Management Bag Review: The Transporter Duffel from Footmark Whilst it may have taken me until July 2019 to do anything about it, I actually came up with the idea of a website dedicated to meal management bags in March 2015, after scouring the internet for a gym bag with integrated cool storage, I’d started […]

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Meal Management Bags on Google - July 2019

Woah – we’re on google!

We’re not quite famous. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find us even if you were trying. But, like we said in our first post, you have to start somewhere- right? In a little under a week, we now appear in a Google Search for “Meal Management Bags”. That said, you’ll need to scroll […]

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Meal Management Bags - Welcome

Welcome to

They say you have to start somewhere, so here we are! It’s 22:51 on Tuesday 9th July 2019 and Meal Management Bags is on-line and ready to take orders! If you’ve found our website by Googling (are there other search engines?) meal management bags we’re pretty sure you know what you’re after; however if by […]

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