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They say you have to start somewhere, so here we are! It’s 22:51 on Tuesday 9th July 2019 and Meal Management Bags is on-line and ready to take orders!

If you’ve found our website by Googling (are there other search engines?) meal management bags we’re pretty sure you know what you’re after; however if by some chance you’ve stumbled here we hope the following paragraphs will explain what we’re all about.

What is a meal management bag?

A meal management bag, or system, is a way of keeping your food prep cool while you’re out and about. There are various types of meal management bags but most just have one purpose: to keep your meal prep containers cool.

In our shop you’ll find a range of meal management bags that offer cool storage from 2 to 8 meal prep containers, with some offering additional compartments for fluids, protein shakers or supplements.

Do they only store meal prep containers?

Our range of multi-purpose meal management bags offer additional storage compartments. These take the form of duffel bags, tote bags or rucksacks, and have additional space for your gym kit, office work and even secure laptop storage.

How much do meal management bags cost?

At the time of posting, our cheapest meal management bag is £41 and our most expensive comes in at £227! As with anything, the premium meal management bags will be of a higher quality and often come with more features than than the budget meal management bags.

That said, we are constantly scouring the net for the best deals on meal management bags and will be launching a daily deals section so you can grab a bargain.

Who makes meal management bags?

We have meal prep and meal management bags from leading brands such as Six Pack Bags, Isolator Fitness, FITMARK, alongside up and coming names like MyProtein. We also strive to seek out bags from lesser known manufacturers, as they often provide an equal level of quality at a lower price point.

Meal Prep Systems from Six Pack Bags

Meal Prep Systems from Isolator Fitness

Who would need a meal management bag?

Meal Management Bags are a natural evolution of the cool bag. They are designed with health conscious individuals in mind, who want to keep food and fluids cool throughout the day. For convenience, some offer separate storage for gym kit, laptops and office work.

There are numerous difference between the old school cool bag and modern meal prep storage, the main one being the ability to store several meals and drinks containers, alongside other items, separately in a relatively compact bag.

Made it this far?

What are you still doing here, please head directly to our meal management shop and see what’s on offer!

(In all seriousness, thank-you for taking the time to check out our website. Hopefully we have what you’re looking for &, if not, please leave us a comment so we can fix that!

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