Best Meal Prep Bags in 2020

New Year, new you, right? When it comes to fitness, progression is 20% effort and 80% preparation so if you’re looking get in shape this year, you need to get your meal prep on point. For the busy professional, this means you need a meal management system!

As we roll into 2020, we take a look at the best selling meal prep bags from the last 12 months. If you’re looking for a quality meal management system you can’t go wrong with any of these….

10. Isolator Fitness Mini Meal Bag

The Isolator Fitness Mini Meal Bag is – as the name suggests – a meal prep bag designed with portability in mind. Despite the Mini Meal Bag’s relatively compact dimensions, there is room for two meal prep containers and a water bottle or protein shaker. Currently on offer at £38.62 this meal management bag represents excellent value for money and snuck into our 2019 best sellers over the Christmas period.

9. MyProtein Meal Bag Backpack

MyProtein have dipped their toe into the meal management market with their Meal Bag Backpack, which provides cool storage for up to 8 meal prep containers, with separate containers for snacks, supplements and a water bottle or protein shaker.

8. Isolator Fitness Duffel Bag

With cold storage for up to 4 meal prep containers, water bottles, gym kit and laptop, the Duffel Bag from Isolator Fitness sits very much at the premium end of the market. That said, Isolator fitness are a leading brand in the meal management game and their Fitness Duffel Bag was a permanent fixture in our best selling meal prep bags throughout 2019.

7. Isolator Fitness 2nd Gen Isopack

Another premium entry from Isolator Fitness; their 2nd Generation Isopack is a meal management backpack with cold storage for up to 4 meal prep containers, gym kit, accessories and a laptop. This high quality backpack sat in the top ten meal prep bags all the way through 2019 and we expect the same in 2020!

6. 6 Pack Fitness Expedition 300

6 at 6! Six Pack Fitness were one of the first companies to focus on meal management systems and meal prep bags, and it shows. The Expedition 300 is an exceptionally well crafted meal management backpack with space for 3 meal prep containers, gym kit and a laptop. This was one of our best selling meal management systems in 2019 but is starting to slip down the pecking order as newer bags come onto the market.

5. 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300

Another best seller from the team at 6 Pack Fitness; the Innovator 300 is a premium meal management system with cold storage for 3 meal prep containers and up to 4 water bottles or protein shakers. There is an additional pocket for supplements, snacks or cutlery. I personally own one of these and can say it’s well worth the price, having served me well for almost 8 years. [Innovator 300 Meal Management Bag Review]

4. 6 Pack Fitness Cube

The Cube is a a highly portable meal management system from 6 Pack Fitness, offering cold storage for up to 3 meal prep containers. This meal management bag offers the high quality you would expect from 6 Pack Fitness, at an affordable price.

3. Emerald Living Meal Prep Bag

At just £29.99, the creatively named Meal Prep Bag from Emerald Living shot into our top 10 shortly after release, with cold storage for 3 meal prep containers.

2. 6 Pack Fitness Contender Backpack

At £40, the Fitness Contender Backpack was always there or thereabouts in our best selling meal management bags. However, in December 2019 6 Pack Fitness reduced this to just £12.19 and it has since flown up our rankings! This is very much a lightweight meal management system, with storage for one meal prep container and gym kit.

1. Fitmark Transporter Duffel

Our #1 best selling meal management bag in 2019 was the Transporter Duffel from Fitmark. With cool storage for 2 meal prep containers, gym kit and a laptop, the Transporter Duffel provides an excellent all round solution for fitness enthusiasts on the go. A permanent fixture in our top 3 meal management bags throughout 2019, the Transporter Duffel took top spot over the Christmas period, as it was reduced to jus £44!

We will be updating this list throughout 2020 and look to add new products as soon as they come available.

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