More budget Meal Management Bags!

Stock update: we’re adding some cheaper meal prep bags to our on-line store!

It’s fair to say we’re pretty new to this (we launched Meal Management Bags on 9th July!) and we weren’t going to get everything right from day 1. As such, we’re keen to hear from our customers and want to try and improve at every possible opportunity.

We’ve had a couple of e-mails concerning the cost of leading brands like 6 Pack Bags & Isolator Fitness and, to be honest, we can’t really argue: if you’re trying to store your food prep and don’t want to spend more than £50, our options are fairly limited.

So, for the coming week, we’re going to be adding as many products as we can to our budget range of meal management bags. At the time of posting, we have 7 meal prep bags available for less than £50:

For the time being, this includes the Fitmark Transporter Duffel which normally retails at £88.99. You can learn more about this multi-purpose meal prep bag on our recent review.

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