The Transporter Duffel Review (Fitmark)

Meal Management Bag Review: The Transporter Duffel from Footmark

Whilst it may have taken me until July 2019 to do anything about it, I actually came up with the idea of a website dedicated to meal management bags in March 2015, after scouring the internet for a gym bag with integrated cool storage,

I’d started a new job and needed to get the train into work. Not wanting to cut back on my gym efforts, I jumped on the train with a gym bag and separate meal management bag – the Six Pack Bags Innovator 300. I hadn’t really envisaged the absolute chaos this would cause on a standing-room-only commuter train.

I needed to find a more compact solution, and fast! After hours and hours of searching, I landed on the Transporter Duffel from a company called Fitmark. Clearly I wasn’t signed up to Amazon Prime as it cost me £5.01 for delivery!

At the time, this was pretty much the only meal management system slash gym bag available in the UK. I said I would do something about it but, you know, people get side tracked!

As demonstrated in the video below, from Fitmark themselves, this is essentially a gym bag with integrated cool storage. There’s also a separate pouch for your laptop (up to 17 inches).

The Transporter Duffel Meal Management System from Fitmark

I still rock this bag daily and, nearly 5 years later, it’s still doing the job. At the time of posting, this fantastic meal management system is available for just £44.99 in our on-line store- which puts this premium bag in the budget category!